Content management

Just as with design, content management is a key aspect of digital marketing. That is why we have made it one of our core activities.
Our teams of copywriters, SEO experts and translators are at the service of your web content, be it for a blog, a website, a sales brochure or a mobile app.

The first elements of content management are visual identity and brand image: Who are you? What makes you different? And what do you offer your customers? These questions are never trivial because the answers to them influence web content strategy: thematics, writing style, typography … everything must highlight and perfectly reflect your brand and aspirations. A preliminary study is needed and that is precisely the purpose of our web audits.

Content management: one of the main challenges of digital marketing!

Editorial content

Good content must be clear, structured, with perfect grammar and spelling, compelling, authentic and optimized by SEO. Quite a challenge! Who could imagine that behind a simple series of words lies so much preparation and a series of activities in which nothing is left to chance. Our translators are as skilled in SEO as our copywriters: this way you are sure of the same quality optimization from one language version to another.
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Optimize content

To create an optimized text, we carefully scrutinize every aspect of the content :

  • Choice of titles (Google AdWords, Keyword Tool, Google Trends…).
  • Keyword selection and drawing up of a lexical field tailored to the publication.
  • Publication structure: titles (H1) and subtitles (H2, H3…).
  • Illustrations and alt text.
  • Meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • Tags.
  • Hyperlinks.
  • Page layout.

Get your content amongst the first search results without losing authenticity and fluidity; this is what we do.

Useful content, neat content, optimized content, for great visibility on the internet.

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