SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is different from ordinary press editing. Writing for the web is often more concise, forged in simple, catchy language.
But it is undoubtedly the SEO aspect of content that most distinguishes the work of the web editor from that of a journalist. All members of Agora Partners are familiar with best practices in digital marketing: we undertake informational monitoring to update our knowledge and we do not hesitate to make you concrete proposals for the creation of original content or for rewriting of content.

Clear messages with a catchy tone! Our copywriters know how to reveal your difference.

Good general knowledge

Our copywriters are experts in the language they write in, able to produce flawless content: they are scrupulous about the syntax, grammar, vocabulary and spelling of the texts they produce. Internet is certainly a great communication tool, but it is also a place where language is too often given rough treatment.

In addition to this command of the language, our editorial team has a good level of general knowledge which – coupled with the ability to learn fast – allows them to quickly understand the particular issues relating to your field.

The editorial charter

A web editor also takes due account of the editorial charter that has been drawn up. He may, if appropriate, propose a revision of the charter, if he considers that it is not in keeping with the visual identity of his client. He then works closely with the designer to draft a new charter.


Web content often includes a space where users are invited to leave comments. The editor may handle responses, to maintain interaction and create a following. What he publishes is connected by hyperlinks: these references facilitate navigation and reading.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As mentioned in the introduction, a copywriter is also an SEO expert. His aim is to optimize articles to promote their natural referencing. This optimization begins by searching for the best possible title: it needs to be catchy and also to contain keywords.

Agora Partners is highly skilled in content management. Put your content writing in our hands and improve the ranking of your online content.

Learn more about Optimization (SEO)

More than just words

Our team of content editors attach the same importance to the audio-visual elements as to the words they use in their texts: images, audio and videos are all present in the content we produce for our clients. These audio-visual elements complement the text and enrich the user experience.

Mastering CMS

Agora Partners’ copywriters are fully familiar with the main tools for content management. We can work on WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop or your own, internally developed CMS. This expertise is essential for content integration.

Information verification

Our agency is very careful about the sources it uses to build its content, whether for client briefs, sales brochures, a website, newspapers or books. All information must be true and verified.

Whatever your sector of activity, we will be able to create adapted content for you.

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