Web translation

You’d be surprised how many businesses resort to Google Translate to translate their web content. And you’d be amazed to see how blithely these companies publish online sentences which have been drained of all meaning.
Translation is not just a simple replica of a text from one language to another: whilst that’s true of any translation, it applies even more on the web. A good translator will render the meaning of a sentence, which means that he also takes the context into account. A tool like Google Translate can translate a single word, but not the meaning of a complex sentence.

Apart from putting the words in the right order, the sentence must also flow smoothly in the target language. The style makes it possible to catch the attention of the reader. A series of mangled sentences is in no way a translation. In short, translation is a rewrite.

To push back the boundaries while remaining faithful to the original text.

SEO optimized translation

Just like our web editors, our translators understand the importance of keywords and SEO for positioning the content they translate. Before translating the text as a whole, they identify the key words in the target language and set up a lexical field.

For example: where we use e-reputation in French, “reputaciòn online” would be used in Spanish.

Our editorial team and our translators work together to optimize your content in all languages.

Languages we work with

All our translations (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German …) are undertaken by native speakers of the target language to ensure full respect of the usage and customs of each country’s language.

For short texts such as flyers, adverts, etc., we charge by the word.

Whilst for a translation of a website or its press kit we offer pricing packs allowing you to combine quality and competitive pricing.

For more information, contact us and we will study your translation projects.

Our team is multilingual: English, French, Spanish, Catalan, German…

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