At Agora design is much more than a beautiful image, is the creation of aesthetic, as well as functional, objects and visuals.
Some of the main functions of a designer, therefore, are the development of a visual identity, the creation of packaging or else the design of websites.

Design is a way of defining or redefining the visual identity of a brand or a group. From here wearrive at the logo and the branding guidelines, as well as all the stationery – letterhead, visiting cards, ppt… – the goodies and signage.

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Packaging refers to the presentation or packaging of a product (size, colour, shape, manner of use orconsumption, composition…). Packaging plays a number of roles.

  • Contain and protect the object.
  • Facilitate logistics and transport.
  • Reduce impact on the environment.
  • Capture the attention of consumers and trigger buying.
  • Facilitate the use of the product (example: recipes and preparation tips).

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When a designer creates websites, we call it web design. Internet being a fundamental resource for promoting business and selling products, considers web design a central place in the functions of any company.

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Promotional tools

By promotional tools, we mean web kits, press kits and exhibition kits created by the designer:

  • Web kits: for emailing campaigns and publishing through social networks.
  • Press kits: advertisements, press releases, press statements…
  • Exhibition kits: roll-ups, modular stands, reception booths…

e-Reputation tools

Finally, the designer develops what we call awareness tools, in the form of corporate videos, motion designs or mobile apps…

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