Good packaging attracts new consumers and is a sure competitive advantage for your business.
We believe that good design combines form with functionality, and when structure and design are wed in an ingenuous way, magic happens. Packaging must communicate your values and reflect, in an optimal way, your brand.

Nowadays, consumers are demanding. They analyse packaging in detail, check the composition of products, compares prices and offers, search for clues in the sales pitch as to reliability and credibility … some even use a sole parameter to select their products: sustainable development and ecological characteristics of products or services.

Packaging: the point of direct contact with your customers and one of our areas of expertise.

Packaging is undoubtedly one of the most important points of client contact. In many cases, the packaging represents the only guarantee for the customer of the quality of the product.

But your work does not stop there: Dialogue between your brand and the buyer must continue and stand out by being original. After all, isn’t the packaging generally almost the only physical interaction between your brand and the customer?

Market research & public image

At Agora Partners, we build on all the key elements of packaging: materials, form, colour, graphics, messages etc. Our market research enables us to identify the target customers, to reinforce your public image as a consequence and to give to each consumer a valid motive to adopt your brand instead of one of your competitors.

Because a briefing can be misunderstood, we work in close collaboration with our customers, both on the form and the substance, in order to identify the ideal approach and go on the market with the best conceivable strategy.

We analyze the trends of the target market, to understand user behaviour and , after validation from the customer, we adapt our communication.

A radiant packaging to dress up your flagship products. Discover our design services.

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