Digital marketing

Digital marketing or e-marketing means the digital strategy adopted by a company to develop its reputation on the internet.

Our digital strategy is multi-channel, but we adapt it to the marketing needs of each client.

How we support you

A web audit forms the basis for discussion during the launch meeting between you and our teams, but we make the necessary adjustments throughout our collaboration, a permanent dialogue which continuously takes into account changes in requirements and budget.

  • Visual identity: Who are you and what do you want to communicate to the world? That is the essential question which we will answer together. From this work of introspection will spring your entire digital strategy.
  • Content management: from the choice of what to publish, to its drafting and translation if required, we help you to create optimized content that perfectly reflects your brand image and your ambitions.
  • Web design: attractive visuals will make your content stand out from the rest! These aids can take various forms: mobile apps, corporate videos, landing pages…
  • SEO & SEM: natural and paid referencing to position web content are essential to give your business the attention it deserves.
  • Social networks: Yes, but it must be done properly. Each social network has its own function and features. Together we discover which best serves your message, publish material that represents you and draw to your brand the following you always dreamed of.
  • Prospecting tools: Broach your potential customers with adverts and flyers in line with your brand.

Agora Partners, your digital marketing agency in Barcelona. Let’s see how we can develop your brand online.

We rely on the “briefing” from our customer, but also on the full marketing audit we carry out of our client’s e-reputation.

90% of B2C and B2B consumers use the internet to learn about a service or product and compare offers and competitors. From this we draw three main conclusions:

  • An internet search precedes and influences the majority of purchasing decisions.
  • Being little present or absent on the web and social media means missing many customers and prospects.
  • Digital communication has become one of the pillars of corporate strategy.

Bring your brand to the digital world, thanks to our marketing services : let’s talk about your project!

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