Paid search (SEM)

SEM stands for search engine marketing and includes SEO and SEA (search engine advertising). At Agora, we can optimize your campaigns so as to minimize average cost whilst increasing visibility on Google.

SEM is often misused nowadays and is generally used to refer only to SEA, which in turn can be reduced to Adwords, the main tool for advertising on Google. Whilst SEO results are not always completely obvious, AdWords results are tangible and provide clear proof of our abilities. Our international team also enables you work in multiple languages, so opening the door to new markets.

Adwords and Google advertising

Adwords is a tool for increasing visibility on the Google search engine. Whilst the results are immediate, campaigns do have a price tag, unlike SEO. A PPC (pay per click) ad positions more quickly than an SEO-optimized page. So it is natural that this service is a paying one, and payments are primarily based on each click on the ad.

AdWords is a very powerful tool but one that can lead to wasteful spending if it is not managed with great professionalism and care. Below, we list the most important aspects of Adwords.

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Analysizing keywords on Adwords

Some keywords will trigger the release of ads and it is important to select them carefully to be sure to reach the audience you are looking for of users potentially interested in what you have to offer.

Creating ads on Adwords

Ads must be coherent and directly relevant to the keywords. Inconsistency can lead to confusion not only for the user but also for Google, which may not give the ad the visibility you desire.

Optimizing landing pages for adwords

The content referred to by the ad should also be optimized. This destination page is known as the landing page, and can be specific to the campaign or may be a page on your site.

Remarketing and adwords display campaign

You can also create several campaigns and try to reach users who have shown some interest in your site.

Google Shopping

When a search is clearly related to an intention to purchase, Google shows a selection of products for sale. Your products can thus be offered more easily and directly to users.

Want quick and tangible results? Choose paid search!

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