Search engine optimization (SEO)

At Agora, we are experts in SEO and we work in depth on all the aspects of the optimization to position your site first in the results of search engines like Google.

Search engines analyze the sites, their content, and their popularity to offer their users the most relevant results for a given search. SEO evolves constantly so our agency keeps an eye at all times on new trends and techniques, at the same time fully complying with all ethical and best practices on the internet. We undertake SEO in such a way as to achieve visible results not only in the short and medium term, but also in the long term.

On-page & Off-page SEO

SEO is divided into two categories: on-page, meaning all the elements that make up a web page; and off-page, which covers those elements external to the site but which also promote its referencing. Below, we list the most important aspects of on-page and off-page SEO.

Position your brand in the first search results, boost your website’s traffic and sign new contracts.

Site map and internal links

A website should have a logical structure, with a menu and a well-organized footer to facilitate navigation by users.

Keywords and semantics

Before you start writing content, it is important to consider the kind of search that users would make in order to find information on this content. Based on this, we generate keywords.

Website content

Obviously, content must be written for users, but it is also important to write it so that it can be “understood” by search engines.

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Tags, titles, descriptions and urls

Each page of a website should have a title and a description, which appear in the results of a search by a search engine (SERP). URLs should also be optimized and reflect the page content. The titles of the content are reported by “headings”, H1, H2, H3, etc.

External links, linkbuilding

External links are websites that include one or more hyperlinks referring to your site. These links are a reference: the more influential the sites which link to yours, the more your site will gain authority.

Social networks

Nowadays social networks are extremely important because they create a direct link with potential users of your site. These communication channels make it possible to share and viralize content and to reach a wider audience.

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