Market analysis

A market analysis will allow you to know your potential customers, be aware of their preferences, their habits, their interests, as well as the status and trends of your target market.
This market study is not only important, but crucial to determining our strategy and optimizing our resources and our time. To this end, we perform an audit of your website in order to assess its state of health, identify its potential and see what can be done to improve it. A website must be well structured and meet some very important criteria in terms of SEO.

Discover your market trends and customer desires.

Web benchmarking

In order to provide a service or product to your customer in the best possible way, you must be fully familiar both with your potential customers and also with the practices of your competitors. It is essential for a company to observe and analyze its environment in order to learn from the mistakes of others and to be able to innovate in line with the trends of the moment.
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Digital strategy

Digital strategy derives from the audit and benchmarking exercises and includes not only the marketing activities to be implemented, but also everything that influences strategy: process, sales/marketing interaction, audience segmentation, advertising pitch, etc.

Agora always recommends a market analysis to it clients, to better evaluate their performance and take strategic decisions that will help them succeed.

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Let us evaluate your digital presence to enhance your brand.

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