Website benchmarking

At Agora, we have extensive experience of many markets and sectors as well as a multilingual team capable of managing benchmarking for small, medium, and large businesses.
Benchmarking is essential to achieve a campaign that matches the needs of the market and the demands of your potential customers. Fortunately, you are not alone!

Benchmarking involves identifying the digital strategy and practices of competitors so as to be aware of the “territory” we are working in. We can then compare the information collected with those same aspects in your business and so determine a development strategy.

Benchmarking is not a tool for plagiarizing the competition. If we simply copy our competitor’s content, not only we are not innovative but we risk being penalized by search engines: duplicate content leads to loss of visibility and acknowledgement grom Google.

Your competition is full of lessons. The question is whether you want to learn ?

Benchmarking inputs

Important questions answered by benchmarking include:

  • Where do your competitors’ links come from? Who is working with your competitors?
  • What SEO strategy have your competitors adopted?
  • What do your competitors say? What is their content like?
  • What is their presence and how does your main competitor manage social networks?
  • Which are the key words that position your competitors?
  • What is the user experience on their website like?
  • Which prices do they charge?
  • What are the current market trends?

To build a strategy

Benchmarking is a means to help understand which kind of content you have in common with your competition and how they share it with their clientele. Benchmarking can provide great ideas around which to base a campaign; but it can also show us what to avoid doing.

Similarly, benchmarking can help a company to innovate. If we see that the market trend is going one way but the competition has not yet adapted, we can be the ones to get in first and so position ourselves as a modern and innovative company.

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