Benchmarking Web

Benchmarking Web

by Agora-partners

Identify the digital strategy and practices of competing companies to know the ground on which we work.

At Agora, we have extensive experience in many markets and industries and a multilingual team capable of handling benchmarking for small, medium and large companies.

Benchmarking is essential to create a campaign that matches the needs of the market and the requirements of your potential customers. Fortunately, you are not alone!

Benchmarking consists in identifying the digital strategy and practices of competing companies to know the ground on which we work. It is then possible to compare the recompiled information with the same aspects of your company and thus establish a development strategy.

Benchmarking is not a tool for plagiarizing the competition. If we simply copy the competition’s content, not only will we not be innovative but we risk being penalized by search engines: duplicate content leads to a loss of visibility.

The challenges of benchmarking

The important questions that benchmarking answers are:

Where do your competitors’ links come from? Who is collaborating with your competitors?

  • What is the SEO strategy of the competition?
  • What does your competition say? What is their content?
  • What is its presence and how does your main competitor manage its social networks?
  • On which keywords are your competitors positioned?
  • What is the user experience like on their website?
  • What are the prices charged?
  • What are the market trends?
An aid to decision making

Benchmarking is a way to understand what content the competition is sharing and how they are getting it to their audience. Benchmarking provides the big ideas around which to build a campaign; but it is also a way to realize what not to do.

In the same way, benchmarking can help a company to innovate. If we see that a market trend is going in one direction but the competition has not yet adapted, then we can be the first to do so and position ourselves as a modern and innovative company.