Writing and translation

Writing and translation

by Agora-partners

SEO web writing

Web writing is different from print writing. Web writing is often more concise, forged in simple language with a catchy tone.

But it’s probably the SEO aspect of the content that most distinguishes the work of the web editor from that of the journalist. All the members of Agora Partners are aware of the best practices in digital marketing: we carry out information monitoring to update our knowledge and we do not hesitate to make concrete proposals to create original content or to proceed with a rewrite.

A good general culture

Our web editors master the language in which they write, in order to produce impeccable content: they are vigilant about the syntax, grammar, vocabulary and spelling of the texts they produce. The Internet is certainly a great communication tool, but it is also a place where language is too often abused.

n addition to this mastery of the language, our editorial team has acquired a good general culture which – coupled with a capacity for rapid learning – enables it to quickly understand the issues in your sector of activity.

The editorial charter

A web editor also takes into account the editorial charter that has been defined. He can, if necessary, propose a redesign of the charter, if he feels that it is not in line with the visual identity of his client. He then works closely with the designer to propose a new charter.


Web content often includes an aside to invite users to leave a comment. The writer can take care of responding, to maintain interaction and create a community. His publications are linked by hyperlinks: these references facilitate navigation and reading.

SEO Optimization

As we said in the introduction, the web editor is also an SEO expert. His goal is to optimize his articles to promote their natural referencing. This optimization how by finding the best possible title: a title that is both catchy and provided with keywords.

Agora Partners has made content management one of its areas of expertise. Entrust us with the writing of your content, for a better positioning of your Internet publications.

Beyond words

Our team of copywriters give audiovisual elements the same importance as the words they choose in their texts: images, audio and visual videos are part of the content we produce for our clients. These audiovisual elements complement the text and enrich the user experience.

The mastery of CMS

Agora Partners’ editors are familiar with the main content management tools. We can work on WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop or the CMS that you have developed internally. This expertise is essential for the integration of content.

Information watch
Our agency is demanding on the sources it uses to build its content, whether it be client briefs, commercial brochures, a website, newspapers or books. The information must be truthful and verified.

Web translation

You’d be surprised how many companies use Google Translate to translate their web content. And you’d be surprised at how easily these companies publish meaningless sentences.

Translation is not just the simple replication of a text from one language to another: if this is true of any translation, it is even more so for the web. A good translator will render the meaning of a sentence, which means taking the context into account. A tool like Google Translate can translate an isolated word, but not the meaning of a complex sentence.

In addition to the arrangement of words, the sentence must also be fluent in the target language. The style of the text is what makes it catch the reader’s attention. A series of choppy sentences has never been a translation. In short, translation is rewriting.

An SEO optimized translation

Like our Web Copywriters, our translators understand the importance of keywords and SEO to position the content they translate. Before translating the text as a whole, we need to re-establish the keywords in the destination language and rebuild a lexical field.

Example: where we would use e-reputation in French, we would instead use “reputación online” in Spanish.

Our editorial team and translators work together to optimize your content in all languages.

Our translation languages

All translations (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German…) are carried out by native translators of the destination language to guarantee a respect of the language uses and customs of each country.

For short texts such as flyers, brochures etc., we charge per word.

On the other hand, for the translation of a website or a press kit, we offer pricing packages that allow you to combine quality with an attractive price.

For more information, contact us and we will study your translation projects.

Content management

Just like design, content management is one of the major challenges of web marketing. That’s why we have made it one of our core businesses.

Our teams of copywriters, SEO experts and translators are at the service of your web content, whether it is a blog, a website, a sales brochure or a mobile app.

At the beginning of content management is the visual identity and brand image: Who are you? What makes you different? And what do you offer to your customers? These questions are never insignificant because their answers are the foundation of a whole web content strategy: themes, writing style, typography… everything must perfectly reflect your brand and its aspirations. A preliminary study is necessary and this is precisely the purpose of our web audits.

Editorial content

Good content is content that is clear, structured, impeccable in grammar and spelling, compelling, authentic and SEO optimized. What a program! Who could imagine that behind a simple string of words lies a whole preparation and a series of actions where nothing is left to chance. Our translators are just as qualified as our SEO copywriters: so be sure to get the same quality of optimization from one language to another.

Optimize your content

To create optimized text, we screen every aspect of the content:

  • Choice of titles (Google Adwords, Keywordtool, Google Trends…).
  • Choice of key words and development of a lexical field specific to the publication.
  • Structuring of the publication: titles (H1) and subtitles (H2,H3…).
  • Illustrations and text alt.
  • Meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • Tags.
  • Hyperliens.
  • Page layout.

Making your content stand out in the first search results without losing authenticity and fluidity is our job.