by Agora-partners

Good packaging will attract new consumers and provide a competitive advantage

We believe that good design combines form with function, and when structure meets design in an ingenious way, magic happens. Packaging should communicate your values and best reflect your brand.

Nowadays, consumers are demanding. They analyze in detail the packaging, check the composition of the products, compare prices and offers, look for indications of reliability and credibility in the commercial discourse… some even apply a unique reading grid to choose their products: sustainable development and the ecological character of the products or services proposed.
the packaging is the only guarantee for the customer of the quality of the product.

But your work doesn’t stop with the packaging: the dialogue between your brand and the buyer must continue at home and be differentiated by its originality. After all, isn’t packaging the only physical interaction between your brand and the customer most of the time?
Market research & brand image

At Agora Partners, we take advantage of all the key elements of packaging: materials, shapes, chromatics, graphics, messages etc.

Our market research allows us to identify target audiences, strengthen your brand image accordingly, and give each consumer a real reason to adopt your brand over another.

Because a brief can be misinterpreted, we work closely with our clients on both form and substance to design the best possible positioning and enter the market with the best possible strategy.

We analyze trends in the target market to understand user behavior and adapt the communication accordingly, after validation with our client.