by Agora-partners

At Agora-Partners, we attach great importance to our client's database.

This information allows us to segment the audience according to their tastes and preferences and to adapt the advertising message.

Emailing requires a specific strategy that is different from other forms of e-marketing. To run a good email campaign, you must first segment your database. Then comes the design of the email and finally the web page to which the email refers.

The goal here is to personalize the email as much as possible, in order to hold the recipient’s attention. The more interested the email recipient is in the email, the more likely they are to click on the link.
Design et newsletter

The conversion rate of the newsletter and PPC campaigns then depends on the “landing page”, the landing page where the user is redirected.

So it’s not an easy process and each step requires conscientious and precise work.

Did you know that?
  • When done right, email marketing generates more conversions than any other communication channel, including web searches and social networks.
  • 4.24% of users coming from emailing end up buying, compared to 2.49% for users coming from a web search and 0.59% for those solicited via social networks.
  • One dollar invested in email marketing yields about 38 dollars (ROI).
  • 54% of Internet users who have subscribed to email campaigns spend between 10 and 60 minutes each week checking the emails they receive.
Emailing 4.24%
Research on the internet
Emailing 2.49%
Social networks
Emailing 0.59%