Web Design

Web Design

by Agora-partners

The creation of logos and computer graphics are just a few of our expertises.

Web design is not only about creating an aesthetic visual. The graphic design must allow the creation of ergonomic and intuitive supports for the user.

Agora’s graphic studio designs and updates web interfaces, landing pages, mobile apps and all visual media that participate in the promotion of a brand on the internet or the sale of products online. It is important that your tools are updated regularly to match :

  • Your sales developments.
  • Your business strategy.
  • Your customers and their behavior.
The user experience

All our skills are at the service of the user experience and the emotion felt by the Internet user during his navigation on a web tool. These depend on the ease of navigation, the clarity and usefulness of the web content as well as the visual aspect of the page.

This emotion will depend on the following elements:

  • Ergonomics.
  • Clarity and usefulness of content.
  • Visual rendering of the page.

Our leitmotiv: all the information you are looking for must be accessible in less than 3 clicks!

At Agora Partners, we advise you in :
  • Conversion tunnel optimization: let’s turn your prospects into new customers!
  • The deployment of your webmarketing levers: let’s make your media attractive!
  • Animation and follow-up of your communication actions: let’s build loyalty in your customer portfolio!