Paid referencing (SEM)

Paid referencing (SEM)

by Agora-partners

SEM is search engine marketing

it includes SEO and SEA (search engine advertising). We optimize your campaigns to generate maximum visibility.

The use of the term SEM is somewhat misguided these days and generally refers only to SEA, which in turn can be reduced to Adwords, the primary tool for advertising on Google. While SEO results are sometimes complex to appreciate, Adwords results are tangible and clearly prove our capabilities. Our international team also offers the possibility to work in several languages and thus to open doors to new markets.

Adwords and advertising on google

Adwords is a tool that allows you to have greater visibility on the Google search engine. While the results are immediate, unlike SEO, the campaigns come at a cost. A PPC (Pay Per Click) ad will rank faster than a page optimized for SEO. It is therefore natural that this service is paid, and the retributions are mainly for each click on this ad.

Adwords is a very powerful tool but it can become a source of unnecessary expenses if it is not managed with great care and professionalism. To continue, we list the most important aspects of Adwords.

Keyword analysis on Adwords

Some keywords will trigger the publication of ads and it is important to select them well to be sure to reach the audience sought and potentially interested in your offer.

Creation of ads on Adwords

The ads must be consistent and have a direct relationship with the keywords. A lack of coherence can indeed lead to confusion for the user but also for Google which may not favor the ad as much as desired.

Optimized landing page for Adwords

The content to which the ad links must also be optimized. This page is called the ‘landing’ page, and can be a campaign-specific page or a page on your site.

Campagne de remarketing et display sur Adwords

It is possible to create different campaigns and try to return to users who have shown some interest in your site.

Google Shopping

Google can show a selection of products for sale when a search is clearly linked to a purchase intention. This gives your products the opportunity to be more easily and directly offered to users.